Life on the move

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Jack Belhumeur

  • Original title : Life on the move
  • Duration : 11:30
  • Year : 2021
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Edmonton
  • Nation : Metis


In his first heartfelt documentary, Jack Belhumeur takes the viewer along for the ride as he navigates the trials and tribulations of life as an essential worker far from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Film crew

Starring: Jack Belhumeur, Trevor Morrison, John Belhumeur, Jasper Belhumeur Production Company: Wapikoni Writer: Jack Belhumeur
 Director: Jack Belhumeur
 Camera: Jack Belhumeur, Trevor Morrison, Jackson Mazinakouskang, Kim Belhumeur, Hubert Morrison
 Editing: Dan Boos 
Sound Recording: David N.O., Jack Belhumeur 
Original Music: Sunday Wilde, DJ Agile - Jamie Opoku-Otoo 
Filmmaker-Mentor: Dan Boos
 Youth Outreach Worker: Imane Makroum