L'ombre noire 2 (The Black Shadow 2)


The second instalment of the L’ombre noire (The Black Shadow) series takes place a few years after the original short. Summoned by a babysitter who wanted to scare the kids, the black shadow is back!

Film crew

Producer: Manon Barbeau Script: Daisy Bellefleur Bacon in collaboration with Nicolas Bacon Director: Daisy Bellefleur Bacon in collaboration with the Wapikoni Mobile team Camera: Antoine Aphesbero Editing: Patrick Gazé Sound Recording: Philippe Bellefleur Bacon Production Assistant: Olivia Moreau Original Music: William Nanipu, Kassandra Vollant, Kevin MacLoead (Incompetech.com) Freesound Filmmaker-Mentors: Patrick Gazé, Antoine Aphesbero Youth Outreach Worker: Alexandra Falardeau Maher Local Coordinators: Maude Canapé Benjamin, Daisy Bellefleur Bacon Thans to: My family and friends