Love, Honesty, Respect

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Chiniki College

  • Original title : Love, Honesty, Respect
  • Duration : 03:51
  • Year : 2017
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Stoney
  • Nation : Sioux
  • Workshop : Stoney


LOVE, HONESTY, RESPECT was a group collaboration for a mature class at Chiniki College in Morley, AB. The class collectively brainstormed film ideas in response to the question of what they value in their own community, and what makes it stronger. The seven teachings include wisdom, love, respect, bravery, humility, honesty, and truth. The film depicts vignettes of these teachings from students/first time filmmakers in that class who completed the Wapikoni training. Each filmmaker was also a crew member on all of the other films.

Film crew

Director Chiniki College (Vignette Directors: Teresa Holloway, Denise Kaquitts, Verne Beaver, Maureen Hunter) in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Student Participants Jiles Wesley, Denise Kaquitts, Teresa Holloway, Maureen Hunter, Deanna Twoyoungmen, Theuron Holloway, Fawnda Stevens Camera Maureen Hunter, Theuren Holloway, Deanna Twoyoungmen, Teresa Holloway Editing Brianne Nord-Stewart Original music Sebastien Tremblay Filmmakers Mentors Brianne Nord-Stewart, Julia Hutchings Youth outreach worker Sébastien Tremblay, Zoey Roy Assistant filmmaker Jemmy Échaquan Dubé Local coordinator Daryl Kootenay Acknowledgements Lorna Rye, Chiniki College