Mamu Ilnu Ishkeu (Women Together)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Cynthia Bégin, Stéphanie Dominique

  • Original title : Mamu Ilnu Ishkeu (Women Together)
  • Duration : 05:44
  • Year : 2018
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Mashteuiatsh
  • Nation : Innu
  • Workshop : Mashteuiatsh


As Mashteuiatsh's women committee Puakuteu creates an embroidered map of Mashteuiatsh's traditional Innu territory, the women describe their attachment to their culture and prove that it's still possible to live the traditional way.

Film crew

Screenplay : Puakuteu Women Directors : Cynthia Bégin, Stéphanie Dominique in collaboration with the Wapikoni Team Camera : Myriam Blacksmith, Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne, Sarah Duchesne-Riverin, Irène-Kimberley Valin Awashish, Guillaume Shea-Blais, Nakina Duchesne, Kelly Lavoie-Ayotte Editing : Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne, Cynthia Bégin, Stéphanie Dominique Sound Recording : Tania Raphaël Original Music : Irène-Kimberley Valin-Awashish Filmmaker-mentors : Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne, Guillaume Shea-Blais Youth Outreach Worker : Claudine Pelletier Paquin Local Coordinator : Shawn Dominique Special Thanks to :  Puakuteu, Comité des femmes de Mashteuiatsh