Mantokasowin (Perseverance)


Introducing role models in terms of school persistence, Mantokasowin sends a message of hope to the Manawan community.

Film crew

Producer Manon Barbeau Written by Anaïs Ottawa-Flamand Director Anaïs Ottawa-Flamand In Collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera John-Rick Jacob, Jim Matlock, Maïlys Flamand Editing Mélina Quitich Niquay, Katerine Martineau Sound Recording Britney Flamand, Kévin Flamand, Katerine Martineau Original Music Kévin Flamand Filmmaker Mentors Katerine Martineau, Nils Caneele Youth Outreach Worker Simon Thériault Filmmaker Mentors Assistant Kevin Flamand Local Coordinator Mailys Flamand