Mikwetc (Thanks)


Mikwetch is a song to say thank you to our granfathers and grandmothers for passing on such important values as respect, love, knowledge, but also their know-how and life-management skills.

Film crew

Director Sakay Ottawa, Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile team Participation Sauterre Flamand, Francine Flamand, Jaqueline Ottawa, Aïyanna Dubé, Benoit Ottawa, Nino Ottawa, Ben-Gabriel Ottawa, Jean-Pierre Ottawa, Marguerite Ottawa, Lisa Ottawa, Dominique Ottawa, Mario Dubé, Antony Dubé, Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Mikonik Ottawa Flamand, Olivia Quitich, Kimberley Flamand Camera Jemmy Echaquand-Dubé, Nils Caneele, Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne Editing Nils Caneele, Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne Music Mikwetc de Sakay Ottawa Local Coordinator and Assistant Filmmaker Mentor  Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé Filmmaker Mentors Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne, Nils Caneele Youth Outreach Worker David Lalonde