Mocom (Grandfather)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Jacqueline Michel

  • Original title : Mocom (Grandfather)
  • Duration : 06:52
  • Year : 2020
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Community : Kitcisakik
  • Nation : Anishnabe
  • Workshop : Kitcisakik


A girl living with her aunt discovers somehing unique that will allow her to reconnect with her mysterious mocom (grandfather) and to harness the power of her ancestors.

Film crew

Starring: Marie-Andrée Michel-Montambault (in the role of Mikis), Jackie-Andrée Michel-Montambault (in the role of Agatha), Jacqueline Michel (in the role of Tante Molly) and Stanley Brazeau (in the role of Mocom) Production Company: Wapikoni Written by: Jacqueline Michel Directed by: Jacqueline Michel in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera: Mathieu Laprise Editing: Mathieu Laprise, Théo Sohiez Sound Recording: Étienne Gagnon Lalonde, Théo Sohiez Original Music: Stanley Brazeau Filmmaker Mentors: Théo Sohiez and Mathieu Laprise Translation: Jacqueline Michel and Stanley Brazeau Youth Outreach Worker: Étienne Gagnon Lalonde Assistant Filmmakers: Christina Papatie, Daphnée Penosway Local Coordinator: Cherilyn Papatie Acknowledgements: Stanley Brazeau