There was a time when lobster fishermen of Unamen Shipu (La Romaine) could not exercise their profession without being threatened. Portrait of a tradition peacefully restored.

Film crew

Participation Laydon-Lee Jack-Mullen, Talaiya Jack-Mullen, Joseph Mullen, Tobie Mullen Camera Anna-Sheila Bellefleur, Kevin Bellefleur, John Blouin, Marie-Claude Fournier Sound Recording Kevin Bellefleur, John Blouin, Marie-Claude Fournier, Jenny Mark EditingJohn Blouin Traduction Anna-Sheila Bellelfeur, Jenny Mark, Patrice Mestokosho Local Coordinator Anna Sheila Bellefleur Filmmaker Mentors John Blouin, Marie-Claude Fournier Youth Outreach Worker and Training Assistant Sarah Lalonde