Nadu (Hair)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Jarret Twoyoungmen

  • Original title : Nadu (Hair)
  • Duration : 06:30
  • Year : 2019
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Stoney
  • Nation : Iyarhe Nakoda
  • Workshop : Stoney


In this documentary, Jarret Twoyoungmen shares an important aspect of the Nakoda culture and tradition.

Film crew

Starring: Lionel Crowspreadshiswings, Taylor Crowspreadshiswings, Melody Fox, Pearl Whitequills, Nathan McGuinis, Jarret Twoyoungmen Production: Wapikoni Writer: Jarret Twoyoungmen Director: Jarret Twoyoungmen in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera: Jarret Twoyoungmen, Mathieu Laprise, Sam Larson, Dace Hunter Editing: Jarret Twoyoungmen Sound Recording: Jarret Twoyoungmen, Mathieu Laprise, Dace Hunter Original Music: Stoney River Filmmaker-Mentors: Sam Larson, Mathieu Laprise Youth Outreach Worker: Zoltan Buki Assistant Filmmaker: Jarret Twoyoungmen Local Coordinator: Sandis Twoyoungmen