Nikawinan (Our mother)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Steven Chilton

  • Original title : Nikawinan (Our mother)
  • Duration : 05:00
  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Wemotaci
  • Nation : Atikamekw
  • Workshop : Wemotaci


A letter written between siblings in honor of a sick mom. A family portrait immortalized against oblivion.

Film crew

Directed by Steven Chilton In Collaboration With the Wapikoni Mobile Team Participants Steven Chilton, Evelyne Chilton, Véronique Chilton, Marguerite Chilton, Sybil Chilton, Édouard Chilton Camera Marie-Cécile Dietlin Sound Recording Fernand-Philippe Morin Vargas Editing Marie-Cécile Dietlin Translation Canouk Newashish, Alex Coocoo Music Esther Garcia – First Steps, Bensound – Piano Moment, Esther Garcia – Walking Together Local Coordinator Jackie Basile Martel Filmmaker Assistant Canouk Newashish Filmmaker Mentors Marie-Cécile Dietlin, Fernand-Philippe Morin Vargas Youth Outreach Worker Cynthia Smith