Corpo: Each February, the social services team sets up a month of activities promoting self-wellness. Nin Ushket is a short video introducing the people behind this initiative who are working for the welfare of the Uashat mak Mani-Uteman community.

Film crew

A direction of the Wapikoni mobile team With Linda Belzil, Nathalie Bordeleau, Nathalie Coulombe, Andréa Fontaine, Carynne Guillemette, Mario Jourdain, Mélodie Jourdain-Michel, Lise Michel, Edith Morissette, Louise Rock, Anouk Vollant Camera and Sound Recording Clark Ferguson, Marie-Claude Fournier, Christopher Grégoire-Gabriel Editing Christopher Grégoire-Gabriel, Clark Ferguson, Marie-Claude Fournier Music « Ninen » ( Tshishapeu Vachon) Local Coordinator Nemnemiss Mckenzie Filmmaker Mentors Clark Ferguson, Marie-Claude Fournier Filmmaker Mentors Assistant Christopher Grégoire-Gabriel Youth Outreach Worker and Training Assistant Tobie Fraser