Nitatumishkuau Nutaupan (In memory of my father)


Marc-Antoine Ishpatao spins a moving story that spans three generations, depicting how his father helped him become a dad for his sons.

Film crew

With Marc-Antoine Ishpatao, Milan Ishpatao, Maden Ishpatao, Josh Wapistan Ishpatao Director Marc-Antoine Ishpatao in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Narration Marc-Antoine Ishpatao Camera James Warren Wapistan, Nicolas Lachapelle, Virginia Fernandes Sound recording Kathleen Kaltush, Nicolas Lachapelle, Virginia Fernandes Editing James Warren Wapistan, Nicolas Lachapelle Sound editing James Warren Wapistan Translation James Warren Wapistan Music Lucien Wapistan, Matt Kanikuen Filmmakers Mentors Virginia Fernandes and Nicolas Lachapelle Youth outreach worker Laurence Baillargeon Assistant filmmaker James Warren Wapistan Local coordinator Kathleen Kaltush