Nuestro Saber (Our Knowledge)

  • Filmmaker(s) :


  • Original title : Nuestro Saber (Our Knowledge)
  • Duration : 04:45
  • Year : 2013
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Pérou
  • Nation : Quechua
  • Workshop : Peru


In a small village in Peru, women gather to prepare the chicha de jora as their mothers and grandmothers had in the past.

Film crew

With the participation of Karina Rodríguez Quispe, Saturnina Quispe Pariona, Silvia Quispe Gamboa, Orfelinda Palomino Bellido, Teodosia Gutierrez Velapatiño, Dionisio Quispe Sulca, Felmer Patiño Pomahuacre, Claudia Pomahuacre Quispe Director Teodosia Gutierrez Velapatiño Script Wilmer Pomahuacre Taboada Camera François Laurent, Junior Huaytalla Ponce Sound Dionisio Quispe Sulca, Junior Huaytalla Ponce Editing François Laurent, Teodosia Gutierrez Velapatiño, Soledad Carrasco Sánchez Narrator Saturnina Quispe Pariona Song Claudia Pomahuacre Quispe, Teodosia Gutierrez Velapatiño Translation Rhoda Mitchell Aknowledgements The Chanen Community, Authorities of Chanen, Rodríguez Quispe Family, The Vilcashuaman Network of Indigenous, Quechua Communicators