Nuhe nenë boghílníh (Protecting our Homeland)


Protecting our Homeland is to inspire the young generation to start caring about our lands ands cultures. It is also to promote awareness on the uranium mining exploration in Patterson lake, SK. Not only does this mining exploration affect the promises of Treaty 10, it will also destroy the natural resources, harm wild life and ruin the land.

Film crew

Director Ashton Janvier in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera Ninon Pednault, Ashton Janvier Editing Ninon Pednault Sound recording Guillaume Collin, Mathieu Buzzetti-Melançon Original music Damien Cheecham Filmmakers Mentors Ninon Pednault, Guillaume Collin Youth outreach worker Mathieu Buzzetti-Melançon Assistant filmmaker Sinay Kennedy Local coordinator Sinay Kennedy