Nutashkuaniu Shipu (The Nutashkuan River)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Marc-Antoine Ishpatao

  • Original title : Nutashkuaniu Shipu (The Nutashkuan River)
  • Duration : 05:35
  • Year : 2019
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Nutashkuan
  • Nation : Innu
  • Workshop : Nutashkuan


A tribute to the Innu who fought for the re-appropriation of the Nutashkuan River. This short film (which could one day become a feature) is inspired by Arthur Lamothe's La Conquête de l'Amérique II (The Conquest of America 2), made at the NFB in the 1990s.

Film crew

Starring: Mathias Mesténapéo, Jean Mestokosho, Jeannette Courtois, Milan Ishpatau, Marie-Hélène Ishpatau, Maden Ishpatau, Maribelle Ishpatau Written and directed by: Marc-Antoine Ishpatao in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Production: Wapikoni Camera: Marc-Antoine Ishpatao, Siméon Malec, Bertrand Desrochers, Raquel Sanicetti Editing: Marc-Antoine Ishpatao, Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush, Bertrand Desrochers Music: Marc-Antoine Ishpatao Sound Recording: Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush, Camille Tremblay-Fournier, Bertrand Desrochers Set Photographer: Camille Tremblay-Fournier Translation: Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush Filmmaker Mentors: Raquel Sancinetti, Bertrand Desrochers Youth Outreach Worker: Camille Tremblay-Fournier Assistant Filmmaker: Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush Local Coordinators: Kathleen Kaltush, Siméon Malec