Nutshimiu-Aimun (The Language of the Land)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Noëlla Mestokosho, Shanice Mollen-Picard

  • Original title : Nutshimiu-Aimun (The Language of the Land)
  • Duration : 05:24
  • Year : 2018
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Ekuanitshit - Mingan
  • Nation : Innu
  • Workshop : Ekuanitshit - Mingan


Two young women relearn their mother tongue, Innu-Aimun, thanks to an elder who teaches them the words to name the nature that surrounds them, strengthening their connection to Nitassinan, the ancestral homeland of the Innu.

Film crew

Producer Manon Barbeau Directors Shanice Mollen-Picard, Noëlla Mestokosho In Collaboration With the Wapikoni team Camera Robby Reis Editing Félix Lamarche, Robby Reis Sound Recording Félix Lamarche, Daphnée Malec Filmmaker-Mentors Félix Lamarche, Robby Reis Youth Outreach Worker Julie Sarrazin Filmmaker-Mentors Assistant Daphnée Malec Local Coordinator Daphnée Malec Acknowledgments Vincent Napish, Yvette Mollen