Nimiseyak Bigiiwag (Sisters Come Home)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Grade 12 E.L.A.

  • Original title : Nimiseyak Bigiiwag (Sisters Come Home)
  • Duration : 05:16
  • Year : 2014
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Pine Creek
  • Nation : Ojibwe
  • Workshop : Pine Creek


Nimiseyak Bigiiwag ‘Sisters Come Home’ is an documentary short film of interviews contrasted against a natural, picturesque landscape. Four Anishinabe women recount their own personal experiences and views on racism and sexism and how the two correlate to the missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

Film crew

A collective film Directed by Brodielyn Nepinak, Marti McKay, Peyton McKay, Shenise Pelletier, Shirley Nepinak, Tyson-Eric Thompson, Dean Parenteau Participation Rhonda Pelletier, Shenise Pelletier, Annabell Pelletier, Sheila Menard, Kerri Simpson, Brodielyn Nepinak, Joanne Richards, Denise McKay, Audrey Brass, Maureen McKay, Peyton McKay Camera Grant Nepinak, Clint Moosetail, Marti Mckay, Peyton McKay, Tyson Thompson, Marie Dietlin Sound Recording Grant Nepinak, Clint Moosetail, Marti Mckay, Peyton McKay, Marie Dietlin, Emma Kroeker Editing Tyson-Eric Thompson, Dean Parenteau, Marie Dietlin Youth Outreach Worker Emma Kroeker Filmmaker Mentors Marie Dietlin, François Laurent Local Coordinator Terrie McIntosh