Stand Tall

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Noah William Jolly

  • Original title : Stand Tall
  • Duration : 4:30
  • Year : 2013
  • Genre : Music video
  • Community : Mistissini
  • Nation : Cree
  • Workshop : Mistissini


Stand Tall is a music video directed by Noah William Jolly for rap artist Gord-A-Jubal.

Film crew

direction & conception Noah William Jolly camera Noah William Jolly music, performance & concept Gord-A-Jubal recording and beats NTP productions children extras Kelsey Neeposh, Bridget Shecapio, Yoshtin Loon, Ayden Martinhunter, Hilary Voyageur, Faith Sheshamush, Alison Blacksmith, Mandy Coonishish, Genevieve Coonishish, Tyler Shecapio, Audrey Shecapio, Minnie Swallow editor Olivier Labonté Lemoyne filmmakers mentors Jacquelyn Mills, Olivier Labonté LeMoyne community worker & facilitator Jennyfer Chapdelaine local cordinator Allison Coon-Come assistant filmmaker mentor Sheldon Mcgregor thank you Paul Isheroff, Annie Trapper for allowing us to film at the local clinic, MIS constructions for allowing us to film at the new bridge, Fate and Allison, Cree Human Resources Development of Mistissini, Voyageur Memorial High School, Mistissini Band Council, Neoskweskau Memorial Arena.