The Golden Fidget

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Minegoziibe Anishnabe School

  • Original title : The Golden Fidget
  • Duration : 07:13
  • Year : 2017
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Community : Pine Creek
  • Nation : Ojibwe
  • Workshop : Pine Creek


Conceived, Storyboarded, and Directed entirely by 8-10 year olds, THE GOLDEN FIDGET is a playful take on a classic movie where Mrs. and Mr. Bannock have had their golden fidget stolen. It is up to the Snitch, Detective John & Detective C, Big Bear, and the Pink Police to make sure it is found.

Film crew

With Sarge Boucher, John Brizard, Mia Chartrand, Taetum Cote, Dreyden Desmarais McKay, Xavier Gaouette, Aurora Head-Nepinak, Annaka Mekish, Tristan Mekish, Macie Nepinak, Adlore Richard, Teah Richard, Dania Simpson, Jayda Flatfoot, Luna Lunatte Mckinney Director Linda Lafreniere representing the grade 2/3 class in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Original music Xavier Gaouette and Aurora Head-Nepinak Filmmakers Mentors Kevin Lee Burton and Guillaume Collin Assistant filmmaker Kristin Snowbird Local coordinator Bonnie Nepinak Acknowledgements Minegoziibe Anishnabe School, Frontier School Division