• Filmmaker(s) :

    Karina Wabaquin Coon-Come

  • Original title : Tired
  • Duration : 3:25
  • Year : 2013
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Community : Mistissini
  • Nation : Cree
  • Workshop : Mistissini


A Cree young boy runs away from home. He fears being placed in foster care again.

Film crew

director Karina coon-come camera Allison coon-come the kid / narrator Able Coon-Come the kid’s friend Kristin Quinn location sound Jason Swallow music Jason Swallow editor Olivier Labonté LeMoyne filmmakers mentors Jacquelyn Mills, Olivier Labonté LeMoyne community worker facilitator Jennyfer Chapdelaine local cordinator Allison Coon-Come assistant filmmaker mentor Sheldon Mcgregor thank you Clayton Trapper, Chris Quinn, Elvis Gunner Trapper, Cree Human Resources Development of Mistissini, Voyageur Memorial High School, Mistissini Band Council, Neoskweskau Memorial Arena.