Trente-cinq (Thirty five)


Film crew

Written and Directed by Kevin Papatie,Véronique Papatie In Collaboration with the Wapikoni team Participation Raymond Pien, Véronique Papatie, Jimmy Papatie Camera, Sound Recording and Editing Kevin Papatie, Geneviève Allard, Serge Maheu Music Slow Dance to the Other Side par Unsub, The Green Monolith et The Never Dies par Natural Snow Buildings, Traditional #1 par David Hookimaw Local Coordinator Cherilyn Papatie Youth Outreach Worker and Training Assistance Jennyfer Chapdelaine Filmmaker Mentors Assistant Christina Thomas-Papatie Filmmaker Mentors Geneviève Allard, Serge Maheu Thanks to Pierre Lepage, Doris Papatie, Département Aki de Kitcisakik, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada