Trenzando saberes (BRAIDING KNOWLEDGE)


In the community of Hercomarca, a young man takes interest in reflecting on ancestral practices, and decides to go to his grandfather to tap in the old man’s knowledge. He asks to be taught how to braid the “tres puntas” [three points], a leather whip that was kept in every family’s house in order to raise fear in the children and correct their misconduct.

Film crew

Participation Anderson Paredes Figueroa, Heraclio Sulca Taboada Directors Anderson Paredes Figueroa , Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca Screen Play Anderson Paredes Figueroa , Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca, Gliver Chávez Pomahuacre, Rosa María Sulca Pomahuacre, Marisol Mendoza Gutiérrez Camera and Sound Recording Marisol Mendoza Gutiérrez, Pio Mendoza Quispe Edition Anderson Paredes Figueroa, Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca, Bladimir Avila Urbano Music Juanito Gutiérrez Tenorio, Yofer Vega Figueroa Narration Anderson Paredes Figueroa Remerciements A la comunidad San Martín de Hercomarca, A las autoridades comunales de San Martín de Hercomarca, A la Red de Comunicadores Indígenas Quechuas de Vilcas Huamán, A la familia Sulca Pomahuacre Production Programa de Comunicación Indígena de Chirapaq Coordinator Soledad Carrasco Sánchez Assistent Bladimir Avila Urbano In Collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile, CLACPI, OXFAM