Uenutishiu Katshapistesh (The Usefulness of Water Heaters)


Under the watchful eye of his grandson, a man confirms that nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Film crew

Producer Manon Barbeau Director Édouard Kaltush In Collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera James Warren Wapistan, Siméon Malec, Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux, Pascal Plante Editing Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux Sound Recording James Warren Wapistan, Siméon Malec, Daphnée Malec, Dwayne Wapistan, Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux, Pascal Plante Filmmaker Mentors Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux, Pascal Plante Youth Outreach Workers Chantal Gascon, Daphnée Malec Filmmaker Mentors Assistant James Warren Wapistan Local Coordinator Daphnée Malec Acknowledgments Joséphine Mestenapéo, Philippe Wapistan, Anne Bellefleur