• Filmmaker(s) :

    Napess Vollant

  • Original title : UIPESHEKU
  • Duration : 04:52
  • Year : 2019
  • Genre : Music video
  • Community : Kawawachikamach
  • Nation : Naskapi
  • Workshop : Matimekush-Lac-John
  • Languages available:
  • Innu


A dialog through song between a brother whose life is being destroyed by alcohol and his younger sibling who quit drinking five years ago and is struggling to get his kids back. A song about courage and staying alive.

Film crew

Starring: Napash Vollant, Uapush Vollant, Norman Chescappio, Sidney Mckenzie Production: Wapikoni Written by: Napess Vollant Directed by: Napess Vollant in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera: Marie-Hélène Beaudry Editing: Patrick Lapierre Sound Recording: Norman Chescappio Original Music: Napess Vollant, Uapush Vollant, Norman Chescappio Filmmaker Mentors: Marie-Hélène Beaudry, Patrick Lapierre Youth Outreach Worker: Carol-Anne Vallée Local Coordinators: Shane Vollant-Einish, Patricia Mckenzie Acknowledgements: Sidney Mckenzie