Vivir con la tierra (Living with the Land)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Analicia Lopez Matos, Fernandilio GARRIDO, Lauliano Martinez Garrido

  • Original title : Vivir con la tierra (Living with the Land)
  • Duration : 07:00
  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Panama
  • Nation : Panama (Emberas, Kunas)


In the Kuna communities of the Madungandi comarca, in Panama, the environment and its preservation hold a fundamental place. The directors of this film invite us to visit the culture-filled territories of various Kuna communities, while an elder share with us her representation of the contemporary realities of her people and tells us why the ecosystems have to be preserved and protected. 

Film crew

Directed by Lauliano Martínez, Analicia López, Fernandilio Garrido in collaboration with Wapikoni Team Participation Adelina López Director of Photography François Laurent Camera Fernandilio Garrido, Ediliano Hernández, Analicia López, François Laurent, Lauliano Martínez Sound Fernandilio Garrido, Analicia López Montaje Lauliano Martínez, Paola Martínez, François Laurent, Analicia López Translation Analicia López, Lauliano Martínez Script Analicia López, Paola Martínez Original Music Fernando Arosemena, Víctor Martínez, Enorita Gaspar Filmmaker Mentor François Laurent Training Assistant Kevin Papatie