Waratanak (The Hollow of the Mountain)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Laura Niquay

  • Original title : Waratanak (The Hollow of the Mountain)
  • Duration : 04:06
  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Music video
  • Community : Wemotaci
  • Nation : Atikamekw
  • Workshop : Wemotaci


Laura Niquay shares us her pride of being Atikamekw.

Film crew

Directed by Laura Niquay In Collaboration With the Wapikoni Mobile Team Participants Laura Niquay, James Ambroise, Jackie Basile, Angelle P. Niquay, Paskimina Coocoo, Yanslay Petiquay, Gaîven Petiquay, Warick Newashish, Alissia Chilton, Sakimina Chilton, Wyatt Chilton, Jos-Packire Chilton, Annie Niquay, Joely Petiquay, Marie-Eva Chilton, Jersey Bellemare, Sheen-Layden Petiquay, Isayah Coocoo Willyan Boivin, Anaïs Boivin, Elsa Petiquay, Norah-Jane Penosway, Charles-Levan, Chilton Ambroise, Cynthia Smith Camera James Ambroise, Simon Wezineau, Canouk Newashish, Marie-Cécile Dietlin Sound Recording Fernand-Philippe Morin Vargas Editing Canouk Newashish, Marie-Cécile Dietlin Music Laura Niquay - Waratanak Local Coordinator Jackie Basile Martel Filmmaker Assistant Canouk Newashish Filmmaker Mentors Marie-Cécile Dietlin, Fernand-Philippe Morin Vargas Youth Outreach Worker Cynthia Smith